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Celebrate your big day on the Swan River

If you are looking at tying the knots (pun intended) in Perth, Western Australia, we have the best nautical package for you (please download the flyer below).

Nauti Picnics provide the boat in this package, which is full of vendors, and the boat is to your disposal, however you want to use it.

1. Arrive at your ceremony in the boat i.e. bride and groom together or as a bridal party

2. Take pictures onboard the boat before and after (time restricted with the package, but can be upgraded)

3. If your party is in the city afterwards, we can arrange for you to travel down to the CBD and we can pick up the boat for you.

Let us know your ideas and take it from there. You may download our flyer here

Jen from Perth Classic Events would love to guide you through our package. Please email her at [email protected]
Direct enquiries about the boat, please contact Yvonne on [email protected]