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man and woman at the back of the boat on a sunny day


We believe you should have the freedom to roam our waterways

Nauti Picnics offer Perth’s only unique opportunity to captain a deluxe electric boat on the upper reaches of the Swan River.

The self-skippered picnic boat is easy and accessible for everyone, and you are in control of your own adventure. We invite you to experience the freedom to roam whilst encouraging socialising, connection and indulging in a BYO or locally made picnic platters whilst cruising the river. Get to know Perth from the water!

Nauti is designed as an alternative to having your own river boat or sharing the space on your local cruise or ferry with strangers.

Our Mission
At Nauti Picnics, we believe we can change how people interact and use the river in a sustainable way via electric boating, community involvement and place activation. It’s our mission to inform and help people to get out on our waterways in a safe and eco-friendly way. To lower the emission and toxic waste that goes into our waterways and to promote destinations along our river.

Ahoy there, fellow adventure-seeker!

Gather ’round as I spin you a tale of my lega-sea, the one and only electric boat hire business in Perth!

Picture it, 2014 – I’m Yvonne, and I stumbled upon an award-winning eco boat design from my Viking heritage. “Eureka!” I thought, “This is the perfect vessel to cruise along the Swan River!” And so, the dream of Nauti was born.

Fast forward to 2016, and there it was, the magnificent boat I had longed for, floating proudly in the waters of Perth. Ah, but things weren’t smooth sailing just yet. You see, I had all the approvals needed, except one tiny detail – no jetty, no electricity! But who needs those pesky details? Not me, not Nauti!

Now, here’s the kicker – I had never driven a boat before, let alone launched and retrieved one. But hey, who needs a plan? I embraced the challenge like a true captain, launching and retrieving every day from a public boat ramp. No one said it was easy, but I made waves and learned the ropes along the way.

Nauti started small, with Saturday hires every other weekend, as I had a part-time job and the kids were in school. But you know what they say, “slowly but surely” – and sure enough, Nauti grew from those modest beginnings to running full-time, seven days a week!

Of course, I couldn’t have pulled this off without my trusty crew – my partner, Adam, and my wonderful daughters, Hayley and Teagan. They volunteered their time when the tides were high, and the workload was demanding. My mates at the yard taught me a thing or two about boating too

But the adventure doesn’t end there! Yours truly never stops learning and exploring new horizons. I even co-wrote a kids’ activity booklet about boat safety with my daughters. Oh, and I designed an app for the river with my partner – Nauti innovation, mate!

Guess what? I’m crafting my very first boat design too. Soon, we’ll have a lounging boat that’ll make waves in the boating world. It’s an Aussie Whaler that I have redesigned and retrofitted to electric propulsion, plus rearranged the layout to suit lazy days on the river. Thanks to some mates who believe in me and the business, Nauti is finally growing its fleet.

But let me spill the water… I’ve got a not-so-secret secret! I’m terrified of getting my head wet – a bonafide hydrophobe! And what do I do? Start a boat hire business, of course! Being close to the water every day is one way to conquer those fears, right?

Now, let’s talk business – there’s nothing naughty about Nauti Picnics, mate. Our name comes from “Nautical,” which means all things sailors and sea-related. So yes, you guessed it – we’re all about sailors having a feast on the waves! Could it get any more fitting?

So, if you, like me, have conquered the fear of the wet-headed, then you, my friend, can drive and enjoy all the fun and amazing places along the Swan River with Nauti Picnics. Come sail away, and let the river be your playground!

Ready to embark on your own adventure? Hop aboard Nauti Picnics and let’s make some salty memories together. The perfect boating life awaits!


My name is Yvonne. I am the owner operator of Nauti Picnics and the one behind every text, email and phone call. I am also the one you meet on the jetty. My priority is your safety and I can sometimes come across a bit blunt and straight forward because of this, but also because English is my second language.

I am originally from Oslo, Norway but I have called Perth home since 2004.
I arrived with my then Australian husband and young daughter, and was introduced to the Swan River on a passenger ferry with lots of strangers. It wasn’t my idea of a great way to spend my day.

I do not come from a boating background, but I have heaps of great memories from sailing the shores in Norway and Sweden on board family friends cabin cruisers in the odd summers. In Norway, we call them green winters. Our fjords are deep and picturesque and I love watching the water from a safe distance.
Fun fact: I have a fear of getting water in my face. Oh yeah, no joke! My head is always above water.

In 2014 I came across an electric boating concept from my corner of the world and decided to bring it to Perth. It was an uphill battle, and still is. But I am pushing through because I believe that this will help others enjoy and create beautiful memories on the calming waters of the Swan River in a sustainable way.

Nauti Picnics has changed a lot for me. I had to learn about boating, not just the enjoyment of being a passenger, but the actual boat and operation of it; fibreglassing, electrics, driving with trailer boat, launching and retrieving, all the rules and regulations, even politics. And I made it.

Nauti has grown organically and it’s now time to step into the next phase and build purpose built boats locally in Perth; made for WA’s lifestyle and weather and with you, my wonderful customers, in mind. You have taught me so much in the last 4 years.
Thank you.

With me on most weekends are my daughters, Hayley and Teagan, and my partner, Adam. They help me get the boat out on time and make sure we have all the features ready for you. They have been my biggest supporters and I couldn’t have done this without them. I am forever grateful for them sacrificing their weekends to spend their time on the foreshore with me.

I am a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and a board member of Bayswater and Beyond Chamber of Commerce. Most days you will find me in deep thoughts planning new activities around the boat hire or finding interesting facts about WA’s history.