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  • Welcome to our new boat "Feelin' Nauti"



Quick Details

  • Skipper your own boat
  • No boating experience needed
  • Relax on your floating sun bed
  • Get close to the water
  • No shoes permitted onboard
  • Adults only

Make sure you understand your obligations prior to booking.
Book your boat at least 48 hours prior.

Feelin' Nauti Opening in August. Get 4 hours for the price of 2. BOOK NOW
2 Hours (incl. booking fee)
4 Hours (incl. booking fee)


Embark on an extraordinary adventure aboard our latest addition! A boat that promises a unique experience unlike any other. Step aboard
“Feelin’ Nauti”, an all-new electric vessel that will transport you to a world of relaxation and leisure. Leave your worries behind as you kick off your shoes and settle in for a delightful journey.

This remarkable boat offers ample space to move freely, allowing you to bask in the glorious sun and savour a refreshing beverage of your choice.
Whether you seek an intimate outing with your closest friends, accommodating up to four adults, or a romantic escapade for just the two of you, this exceptional vessel is tailor-made for your enjoyment.

Get ready to immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

a person holding a glass of wine


2 HOURS 10.45AM & 1.15PM

Our new boat will add a whole new experience on the Swan River. Kick back on the sun pad and hear the water lapping on the hull

Feelin’ Nauti was named by one of Nauti Picnics social media followers. Picture yourself aboard our newest vessel, where the cathedral hull ensures an extraordinary sense of stability. It’s akin to having your own cozy lounge room gently floating on the serene waters of the Swan River. “Feelin’ Nauti,” our concept boat, has been crafted with your relaxation in mind. We invite you to step onboard and experience the sensation of every worry gracefully drifting away. This is your moment to unwind, to glide silently and effortlessly through the tranquil beauty of the Swan River.

Enhancing your voyage, we’ve thoughtfully integrated inbuilt speakers, allowing you to set the perfect soundtrack for your journey. For those seeking the warm embrace of Perth’s sun, a sun pad awaits, beckoning you to bask in its glorious rays. For that touch of luxury, you’ll discover an inbuilt cooler at the bow, perfect for indulging in a refreshing glass of champagne. Your relaxation awaits – come, embrace it, ensuring your relaxation reaches the utmost levels of indulgence. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile!



  • Vessel Hire
  • Bimini Roof
  • Safety Induction
  • Life Jackets
  • Captain’s hat
  • Esky
  • Sunpad
  • Speaker
  • Safety Folder with Maps
  • Extendable Oars
  • Extendable Hook
  • Scoop
  • Rubbish Bin
  • Sunscreen
  • Mozzie Spray
  • Drink holders



You have booked a 2 hour hire that starts at 10.45am. You and your partner will be ready on the jetty at 10.45am for a 15min safety induction together. At 11am your are ready to immerse yourself in a luxury boating lifestule without the price tag.
This cruise is all about the joy of being on the river, closer to the water with all the right ammenities.

Up river is a history lesson in itself. You will sail past historical Maylands Peninsula with the oldest amateur boat building yard still standing in Australia and Peninsula Farm from 1839.

At Bath street only one jetty is left after being the most popular swimming spot in the 50’s
Your first bridge was named after Traylen’s wife Mary Ann Traylen (nee Garratt). Traylen also has a road in Maylands named after himself.

Back in the settlers days, before the bridge, there was a horse pulley at this site. Can you guess where it was?
Residential houses, kayak clubs, beaches and a racecourse fills the rest of the foreshore. If you have the time, a second bridge takes you under Tonkin highway. It’s time to return back to base when the time hits 12. At 1pm you will be back on the jetty in Ascot where the hire is completed.


Alwaus choose Nauti. Don’t skip the info.

Always follow the rules of the water, but also Nauti Picnics rules. It’s there for your safety.

You want to be able to enjoy your day out so make sure you understand what you can and cannot do