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We operate 10 months out of the year from August/September to June, and in most weather conditions. Perth is a great place to be, with over 260 sunny days a year, so lots of days to choose from.

We endeavour to operate our Hire & Drive in safe and appropriate weather conditions. Weather is monitored closely at all times and in the event the conditions are considered to be unsafe, we reserve the right to reschedule the hire up until the intended departure time. All effort is made to give as much prior notice of reschedule as possible, but no liability is accepted for inconvenience or last-minute change of charter plans by us.

Best conditions are when the wind gusts are under 28 km/h (look for the gusts in the weather apps).
As the top speed of the boat is around 7km, we need to be sure that you are safe. Winds can change directions during the day so predicting when the best time is, can sometimes be difficult.
In summer months we have the “Freo Doctor” coming in. The Doctor aka the sea breeze is strongest during December and January when the temperature differential between the land and ocean is greatest.

Due to the rapid changes of weather, we have put a weather policy together so you don’t get caught in high winds, extreme heat or unpleasant rain. Please note that we follow the weather forecast and sometimes they get it wrong. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At the very least, poor weather can spoil a trip: at the very worst, it can cause an emergency situation on the water. We don’t want either.

As a skipper, it is also your responsibility to keep an eye on the weather prior to your boating day and be prepared, but we will definitively keep you posted if we are worried or if we need to reschedule the hire.
Sometimes this can ruin a surprise, a celebration or just a planned day out.

Our Weather Policy and Weather Protection

Boating is a year round recreational activity, but we will never send you out if we think the weather is of any danger to you, your crew or us.

We will always reschedule your hire for free should the weather not be boating worthy, at our discretion. High gusts, thunderstorms and pouring rain, are some of those reasons. If this happens, you will be given a boat credit valid for 3 months. No refunds.

If you are travelling from another country or state, or you are planning a surprise party, we recommend you get our

– Weather Protection for $50.00 –

which will provide you with a full refund in case the weather turns. The protection is only payable at the time of booking (tick yes in the booking form and we will charge your card separately) and is non refundable. Or just hit reply to your confirmation email and say you want the Protection.
We will then charge your card with $50 only (no fees attached).

This is not to be mistaken for any other rescheduling and cancellations.
Please see our T &C’s for this.

Below you will find LIVE weather updates via WINDY.APP. The gust (forth line) is the most important feature. If it is over 30km throughout your hire, we will not send you out on the river due to your safety. Nauti Picnics will contact you and organise a reschedule or refund. I recommend that you download on your phone as this is more correct than this desktop version.