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Contact Us

We launch from:

Maylands Boat Ramp,

1 Clarkson Rd, Maylands

+ 61 (0)439 999 301


Nauti Picnics’ picnic boat can be booked:

7 days a week

2 sessions each day during summer –
10am and 2pm

Check out prices and availability via
Book Now above


Please ensure you park away from the boat ramp and not in Boat Trailer Bays.
There are 8 car bays near the jetty and plenty of parking spots to the left of the entry.


Are life jackets included in the hire price?

Yes, adult life jackets are available in the boat. Life jackets for children are available on land and will need to be reserved when booking, please let us know the age of the children attending and how many. We do not have life vests for dogs unfortunately

How many people can be in the boat?

There is room for 8 people. This includes children and dogs.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can BYO. There is a large table in the middle of the boat and ample space between the seats and under the table for an esky.

Do I need a skipper’s ticket/boat licence to drive the boat?

No, anyone over the age of 20 can drive the boat due to the low horsepower. It is important, however, that you follow the induction given to you and obey the laws that apply on the water. These can be also be found in the laminated brochure on board the boat.

How long does the battery last for?

The battery has the capacity to last 6.5 hours on full speed.

How many boats do you have and what is the maximum capacity?

We have one boat at the moment, but are working on including more in our fleet. The maximum people in the boat, are 8 people. Keep up to date with further progress via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Can we get a boat without having to book in advance?

No, at this time you can only book online, 24 hours prior to sailing. We are not moored at any jetty and will need to take the boat to the boat ramp for you. For available launching places, please see Destinations.

Is there a cover on the boat?

Yes, there is a huge Bimini roof that covers the seating area

How fast do the boats go?

Top speed is approx 4 knots (8 km/hr) or brisk walking pace

Can I fish from the boat?

No, due to being a picnic boat, the people after you might be on there to enjoy their food and drinks and a fishy smell is not very pleasant.

What happens if I return the boat too late?

Firstly, it is your responsibility to make sure you are back on time. Weather and tide has to be taken into consideration. Charges of $190 will apply to boats returning more than 15 min late. If you running late interferes with the another person’s booking, and they choose to cancel their booking due to this, we reserve the right to charge you for their booking as well. However, should something have happened to the boat or any passengers, please contact us ASAP so we can help you out.

Are there any cancellation fees?

You can cancel or reschedule your booking until 24hrs prior to sailing, free of charge. After this the hire fees are none refundable. If it rains or it is too windy on the day of your trip, or we deem it irresponsible to hire the boat out due to other circumcises, you will receive a full refund. Refunds can take up to 10 working days.

Can there be more than one skipper?

Yes, please let us know when you arrive at the jetty as we will need to take a copy of all ID’s.

Something has happened and I need to cancel the boat

Please contact us on 24 hours prior to sailing and we will refund the entire amount.

How old do I have to be in order to drive the boat?

You will need to have a valid ID and be over 20 years old.

Can I drink alcohol on board?

The skipper of the boat must remain under the legal alcohol limit of .05 during the sailing. The rest of the guests may consume alcohol, but we are encouraging moderation and good behaviour.

Can I hire the boat with a Captain?

Unfortunately, we cannot organise a skipper/captain for you due to the rules and regulations around skippered vessels for hire.

What if I damage the boat?

As the skipper you are responsible for the boat and everyone on board. In case of damage to the boat, the engine and/or other equipment, the hirer is liable for the cost of the damage or the insurance excess of $1,000.

Can I moor anywhere on the river?

You can moor on public jetties, but for a maximum of 15min. Some private jetties allow people to moor up to 4 hours. Please see map for details. Do keep in mind that you should never leave the boat out of sight. As the skipper, you are responsible for the boat at all times during your sail times.

Is there a deposit for hiring a boat?

Yes, the boat cost as much as an Audi A3, so we want you to look after it as if it was your own. There is a $200 deposit which can cover anything from later returns, minor damage and loss of equipment.

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