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Discover the Boat

Our boat is 100% electric driven, fibreglass boat. No emission, no noise and no fumes, which means it doesn’t generate any direct CO2 whilst on the river. It is very quiet and hardly creates any wash.

We currently have one boat that we run on demand. This means we cannot take walk-ins as we do not have our own jetty to operate from.

The Maylands Boat ramp where we launch from is a public one and we share it with other recreational users. We therefore have to be efficient and not take up time on the jetty.

Our boat can hold up to max 8 people. This includes adults, infants, children and dogs. – The boat can operate up to 6 hours at 3.6knot speed (approx 7km per hour)

There are very few public jetties on the Swan, please refer to map and plan ahead.

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  • The central steering console is at the back of the boat
  • A wooden picnic table in the middle
  • Comfortable seating cushions around the table
  • Room for a 60cm esky near the skipper seat + ample room under the table for soft bags
  • Life jackets for everyone – please choose children’s life jackets at the time of booking
  • First aid & retractable oars for your safety
  • Sunbathing bed behind the steering
  • Full size roof….which we take down in winter to let the sun in. In summer it stays up to protect you from the Australian sun and to cool down the boat
  • Do not bring sharps. This includes high heels


Book early

In peak season from October to March, we sometimes book out 2 months in advance. Especially on weekends. Check the availability under Book Now.

Be on Time

As we don’t have our own jetty, we need you to be ready 15min prior to booked hire so we can safely get you out on the water within your designated time. We want you to be able to enjoy your full hire.

Life Jackets

Adult life jackets are in the boat.
If you need life jackets for children, please choose at the time of your booking

Don’t overload

The boat can only carry 900kg. Pack smart and don’t go overboard with alcoholic drinks and carry-on baggage. The boat is licensed for max 8 people


The golden rule:
“Look to the right, give way to the right, turn to the right and stay to the right. Always keep right in channels”


  • Safety comes first. Therefore, never take any risks and check the on board guide if you are unsure.
  • Stay in the middle of the river, on the right hand side. It is opposite of driving on the road.
  • Oncoming boats will always pass you on your left hand side.
  • Hands and legs to stay inside the boat at all times
  • No smoking on board
  • The boat cannot be left unattended (only during Cruise & Brunch at Toast) otherwise one person has to stay with the boat
  • Operating the boat under the influence of drugs and alcohol is not permitted
  • You are not allowed to take the boat across Perth Waters to South Perth without following the channels (only enough time for a 6 hour hire) or pass the channel in front of Elizabeth Quay towards the Narrows
  • You are not allowed to moor to trees, below or under bridges, or in locations where mooring is prohibited (see signs on jetties)
  • There are people living around the foreshore Respect their privacy and jetties. Please do not cause any unnecessary noise.
  • Look out for commercial ferries and Captain Cook cruises
  • The speed limit changes on the Swan River. Though our boat won’t reach the limit, others will speed. Make sure you hit boat wash on a 40 degree angle to not capsize the boat.
  • Make sure others know which direction you are going. Approach bridges in such a way that you are visible to oncoming traffic
  • Children under 10 y/o have to wear a life jacket at all times
  • Children cannot steer the boat
  • You can moor at any red courtesy buoys for up to 4 hours
  • Be aware of sail boats at Maylands Yacht Club
  • Always look out for SUP’s and kayakers, and people in the water


The river is no different than a road. There are rules and regulations to follow and adhere to for yours and others safety. It’s important to understand what the signs on the river means. They are there to help you navigate the waters and keep you away from shallow waters and prohibited areas.

Red Marker – Follow these markers when going downstream (towards CBD). Markers to be on the right side of the boat.

Green Makers – Follow these markers when going upstream (towards Swan Valley). Markers to be on the right side of the boat

a close up of a signYellow Buoys after Matagarup Bridge – Special markers indicates that no vessels are allowed.

a drawing of a faceGuildford yellow Buoys – Be aware of these buoys on the right hands side of the river. Stay away from them as they are oxygenising the river

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